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Minecraft & Tech

Introducing the ABN-Team

Private Minecraft Server

Ever since 2014, we have been operating our own Minecraft servers to do something amazing in the world of blocks.

Current: Minecraft 1.19.1
(Java, Online Mode)

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Web Applications


"The leading collaboration tool for DevOps"

Hexo & WordPress & Flask

Blogs and websites

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Develop Futuristic Ideas

Python Projects

  • Based on Django: ABN-Team Talk
  • Based on Flask: Blog System
  • Pytorch & Neural Network
  • Python Scripts
  • Learn More TALK (CLOSED)

    Our Values

    We do want something practical. However, not all of our projects are fully practical, as doing something interesting is also meaningful. You can discuss anything in the group to find someone similar with you.

    All in all, let's just

    Do Something Amazing!

  • Collaborated Teamwork
  • Design and Create
  • Respect to Differences
  • Interest Go First
  • Experience is Valued
  • More Details...

    Bot Projects

    - Plugins Management
    - WebCrawler
    - Infromation Services
    - Easy Games
    - Remote Console via Console

    Our QQ Bot keeps getting smarter and smarter.


    Do Something Amazing!

    We are always expecting new ideas and new possibilities.
    Consequently, why don't you cooperate with us?

    Easy learning, easy life.

    Our Minecraft Servers

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    About ABN-Team

    Unified comprehensive team of some geeks since 2014, which has become a technological team well developing.